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The State of Texas v. Wayne Dolcefino (1995) Acquittal

The State of Texas v. David Graham  (1998) Avoided death penalty on Capital Murder, this case was tried on CourtTV, attorney appeared on Dateline NBC, Good Morning America and American Justice, NBC movie of the week created regarding case.

The State of Texas v. Audi Nguyen (1999) Acquitted of Capital Murder

The State of Texas v. Bobby Shields (2005) Acquittal


USA v. Kelly et. al. H-94-184 (1995) Acquittal

USA v. Stinger H-96-175 (1997) Acquittal

USA v. Nesterhoff H-95-21-SS-02 (1996) Acquittal

USA v. Ramming H-94-181 (1996) Acquittal

USA v. Keraga H-97-237 (1999) Acquittal

USA v. Burzynski H-95-290 (1997) Acquittal

USA v. Peavy H-97-147 (1999) Acquittal

USA v. Kahanek H-03-363 (2004) Acquittal

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